Services - Global Design and Manufacturing - M. Magtague Group
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Our services

Design R&D Support

Our dynamic team strives to present proactive solutions to meet each and every customer’s specific design needs. With a wide diverse creative, innovative and practical knowledge, the Design Team continuously seeks products and inspiration to support our customer’s brands.

Each Design and R&D department works closely with customers and suppliers to ensure all developments are executed according to the designer’s visions.

We stay constantly ahead with seasonal trends by visiting global trade shows and exhibitions to provide newness to our customers.


Denim & Wash Support

Our wet processing technicians work with our in-house Design and R&D teams together with our customers to provide new development washes and solutions. The teams constantly visit denim factories and wash laundries to implement quality wash standards, training and monitoring the development samples. Our Denim Specialists interact with each factory technicians to ensure the best execution for shade, color, contrast, workmanship and quality.

OPTITEX – 3D is changing the fashion industry

To speed up the sample fitting time, we use 3D software reduces the time required to design for product samples. Our designers create 3D samples for customers to review. Using 3D Runway suits of tools allows the visualization of any pattern modifications instantly in full 3D form.

Optitex Video

Training and People Development

  • Our Group is continuously providing learning programs to build people competencies and talents to develop their strength and leadership to pass the teaching on to the next generation of leaders.
  • Professors from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University are recruited to provide training for the MC – Merchandising Curriculum to 500+ merchandising employees at the Group’s China Headquarters.
  • The Group’s QA / Tech / Merchandising Heads provide on the job experience at the factories and laundries. Training real time outside the classroom is essential for challenging job assignments.
  • Our responsibility is to provide a healthy and respectable work place for our colleagues and to support individual career growth to achieve excellence in our workplace.

Technical Support

  • Own sample facilities
  • Paper pattern making facilities
  • Over 50 skilled woven and knitwear technicians on site and off shore
  • Wet processing experts on site
  • Technicians travel overseas for fitting
  • Fitting via video conference
  • Provide technical training

Quality Assurance

  • Individual technical and QA support for each division
  • Technicians travel to factories for fittings and provide technical training
  • Improve factory procedures and system to enhance awareness of good sustainability
  • Garment engineers conduct pre-production meetings in the factory prior to production commencement as well as set up production lines where needed
  • Strong QA team with internal auditing specialists
  • Full time QC inspectors stationed in factories to ensure inline to final quality control and monitor timely deliveries
  • QC teams conduct daily output to final goods inspections

IT / Logistics

  • Experienced IT team
  • ERP system by MSC with EDI data exchange capabilities (i.e. SAP, RLM, … etc.)
  • WebPDM
  • Lectra & Gerber system for grading, paper pattern and marker printing
  • Spectral data system for electronic color approval
  • Full fledge logistics team lead by experienced logistics director
  • Full service shipping team
  • Classification (such as HTS code, quota…) knowledge support
  • Daily sample handling
logistics and IT

Social Compliance & Ethics

  • Perform periodic factory inspections prior to and during production
  • Assist factories in recommending procedures in order to meet clients’ Ethical requirements
  • Work closely with all third party audit firms across all countries
  • Require vendors to provide standard working conditions to workers and safe and healthy workplace that complies with all local laws
  • Roll out Corporate updated Code of Conduct and business ethics for our colleagues, which is supported by policies and guidelines, internal training and awareness-raising initiatives
  • Continuously looking for opportunities to be more efficient, and to source and use environmentally-responsible materials, equipment, services