About Us - Global Design and Manufacturing - M. Magtague Group
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About the company

M. Magtague Group

The M.Magtague Group is a Hong Kong-headquartered apparel organization founded in 1976. With our Global leverage and over 35 years’ experience, we provide our customers with the best product at the best possible price. These customers include some of the most significant brands, catalogs and importers in North America and U.K.


With our strong quality control inspectors and garment engineering teams stationed in our offshore factories, our customers can sleep at night knowing we have dedicated people on the ground at all times looking after their best interest.


We have a passion for product perfection, attention to detail, and adding value to our customers to help them reach their business goals.

Robust Manufacturing Base

Extensive manufacturing base of over 1,500 thoroughly audited factories across China and Asia Pacific.


  • Fully inspected and compliant factories prior to and during production
  • Factories updates in order to meet clients’ ethical requirements
  • Third party audited factories across all countries

China Office

Our Long established office where our technicians who have worked with us for 30 years have passed on their skills to the new generations. Specialised Colour Centre for approval of lab dip and bulk colour as well as wash shade bands. Development Centre for training and upgrading our off- shore QA management. A team prepares all files and samples needed by our QC in China and offshore to inspect production and sends to the factories from here. Our 800 staffs do the core merchandising function for the whole company. Video linked to Hong Kong. Meeting rooms to hold conferences with China factories.